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So of those, only Anteigo made it in. That means we have 46 Pokemon, and when we get our 47th during probably this slate, we will go to the final chance slate and then be done with Pokemon additions. The mod won't be over then but the next part may need a bit of playtesting, so I hope you all see it through!
NAME: Melthog
STATS: 82/126/115/98/152/27
TYPING: Ground/Fire
ABILITIES: Sand Force / Aroma Veil | Queenly Majesty
MOVES: Earthquake, Earth Power, Blaze Kick, Flamethrower, Bitter Malice, Pain Split, Light of Ruin, Spin Out, Parting Shot, Strange Steam, Torch Song, Bonemerang, Lash Out, Flower Trick, Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Dragon Tail, Baneful Bunker, Techno Blast, Fiery Dance
UNVIABLE MOVES: Odor Sleuth, Bug Bite, Bite, Mirror Shot, Vital Throw, Wring Out, Submission, Tail Whip, Aromatic Mist, Mud Shot, Confide, Rain Dance, Pollen Puff, Burning Jealousy, Rage, Cross Poison, Whirlpool, Terrain Pulse, Leer, Doodle

NAME: Celenium
STATS: 93/131/50/124/104/98
TYPING: Psychic
ABILITIES: Illuminate / Shed Skin | Oblivious
MOVES: Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Shore Up, Shift Gear, Extreme Speed, Lash Out, Calm Mind, Judgment, Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb, Double Shock, Stone Edge, Water Shuriken, Fire Blast, Recover, Steel Beam, Raging Fury, Rage Fist, Crabhammer, Psyshock
UNVIABLE MOVES: Aura Wheel, Silver Wind, Magical Leaf, Power Trick, Steamroller, Pollen Puff, Miracle Eye, Decorate, Teeter Dance, Twineedle, Hold Back, Assurance, Fury Cutter, Metronome, Tail Whip, Poison Gas, Luster Purge, Swagger, Spicy Extract, Heart Swap

NAME: Gladossal
STATS: 148/128/145/59/19/101
TYPING: Rock/Dark
ABILITIES: Lingering Aroma / --- | Hydration
MOVES: Stone Edge, Power Gem, Crunch, Dark Pulse, Bitter Malice, Return, Hydro Steam, Collision Course, Facade, Bolt Beak, Calm Mind, Electro Drift, Order Up, Techno Blast, Sunsteel Strike, Double Shock, Avalanche, Sucker Punch, Parting Shot, Blaze Kick
UNVIABLE MOVES: Crush Grip, Purify, Branch Poke, Sparkling Aria, Night Daze, Electro Ball, Focus Energy, Helping Hand, Bone Club, Submission, Muddy Water, Dive, Aura Wheel, Mud Bomb, Embargo, Grass Whistle, Revenge, Echoed Voice, Double Slap, Psycho Shift

NAME: Solakin
STATS: 74/120/135/67/120/84
TYPING: Normal
ABILITIES: Hydration / Swift Swim | Steely Spirit
MOVES: Strength, Hyper Voice, Spacial Rend, Counter, Fire Blast, Rock Slide, Precipice Blades, Nasty Plot, Soft-Boiled, Low Kick, Tail Slap, Agility, Icicle Crash, Defend Order, Eruption, Spectral Thief, Ice Shard, Blue Flare, Overheat, Ceaseless Edge
UNVIABLE MOVES: Bestow, Octazooka, Zap Cannon, Flower Shield, Pound, Amnesia, Charm, Ancient Power, Uproar, Venom Drench, Doom Desire, Wrap, Blizzard, Coaching, Rock Smash, Sweet Scent, Rage, Double Hit, Attract, Fury Cutter

NAME: Spirislash
STATS: 93/124/74/170/63/76
ABILITIES: Huge Power / --- | Prism Armor
MOVES: Shadow Bone, Shadow Ball, Petal Blizzard, Fleur Cannon, Stomping Tantrum, Oblivion Wing, Flamethrower, Electro Drift, Rapid Spin, Head Smash, Drill Run, Poison Jab, Corrosive Gas, Rage Fist, Relic Song, Ice Beam, Recover, Liquidation, Dazzling Gleam, Blazing Torque
UNVIABLE MOVES: Magnet Rise, Giga Impact, Flail, Ice Ball, Horn Attack, Mind Reader, Toxic Thread, Wing Attack, Incinerate, Burn Up, Thief, Punishment, Grass Whistle, Grassy Terrain, Feint, String Shot, Poison Fang, Ingrain, Magic Powder, Mud Sport

Same amount of time as usual.


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Melthog: Slow fat mon with no reliable recovery. Slow pivoting with Parting Shot is cool, and Baneful Bunker can help get extra lefties while potentially poisoning an attacker. Movepool is also pretty good.

Celenium: Specially defensive mon with Shift Gear and 131 Atk, speed isn't that bad either. Physical movepool is just Espeed, Stone Edge, Crabhammer, Raging Fury, and Zen Headbutt, so not the best, but might be just good enough. Does get a lot of set options too, can go special dual dance or CM Recover. Typing isn't very great defensively, but this is potentially a headache in waiting.

Gladossal: Straight up breaker. Bolt Beak is probably the most concerning part. Sort of walled by bulky Grounds (we have 3 Ground types), but can pivot out of the unfavourable match up. Blaze Kick is there for Grasses, Collision Course and Bone Club for Steels. Can Sucker Punch the faster stuff, Bolt Beak the slower stuff. Hard to say if it's balanced.

Solakin: Decently bulky, sets spikes, can heal, can Spectral Thief and Ice Shard. Cool mon.

Spirislash: Nothing wrong with this sub whatsoever, just outplay it lol.


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Melthog: Well, uh...hate to start the post with this one. Life just works in such strange ways sometimes, man. For the past 10 additions we've had or so I've complained about us not having enough good defensive typings on our fatmons, how we seriously need some good resists, none of our few Grounds or Waters can fill the gaps of a bulky Ground or Water that the meta has...and the slate after we get so close only for one ability to mess up the whole thing, we get a legitimately awesome Ground-type without any strings attached. Fire/Ground is very solid defensively, and the bulk is extremely high but Pain Split being its only non-Rest healing option is sure to balance that. It has probably the perfect Sp. Atk stat for Torch Song given all of this, and although it lacks special coverage options, its STAB moves more than suffice. There's nothing stopping it from going physical either for the greater immediate damage and Flower Trick's coverage. Slow Parting Shot here is great too, makes it slot more easily into faster-paced teams. Have I made it clear enough that I like this thing and will be voting Yes for it? I hope so.

Celenium: This looks like a pretty honest breaker at a glance. Stats aren't anything crazy, its coverage options are fairly straightforward and have their holes, and I think both Shift Gear and Calm Mind sets have merit...but then you get to Rage Fist, and that's where problems might start for some people. This thing pretty nice special bulk and Shed Skin to counteract chip damage from Toxic, but the low physical bulk and Speed for the meta will always make Rage Fist less consistent, its typing is weak to the two most common low damage attacks in Knock Off and U-Turn, and Toxic isn't that prevalent here. I think this one should be fine too but could see why someone would vote against this.

Gladossal: Well it only figures that we get one I don't like after two that I do. Say it with me one last time guys - we do not need an eighth Rock-type. Actually this also is very fat physically which I've gone on record saying we don't need more of either. Huh.

Solakin: So uh, wow. Not common I see a slate where there's three Pokemon I can see a compelling case for. This one distinctly feels like the least likely of the three to me but maybe it's because I'm just not a fan of it personally. Ignore the stat spread looking like a generic, not especially strong tank because its bulk by itself is genuinely pretty solid. Spectral Thief and Ceaseless Edge are both pretty valuable utility options and you do have 50% healing as well. The big issue for me is that Normal is just not a very helpful type defensively. Not even like it's actively harmful but that makes it a lot harder to justify having this over some other Spikes setter like Radimite or Bonedos. Well, the main reason you'd run this would be that our other Spikes setters just don't have the same longevity that this one does, except for Allinyte who has a straight up terrible defensive typing instead of one that's pretty easy to ignore. You wouldn't be wrong to say that but it's never like that was a big issue for either of the Pokemon I listed before. I won't be pushing for this one but wouldn't be angry if it got in.

Spirislash: And finally, we get to the Roulettemons 2 generator's last middle finger pointed directly at my face. Here we have a Ghost-type with base 170 Sp. Atk and it's basically way, way lower than its Attack stat. And it gets Rage Fist! You wanna see something really funny? - 252+ Atk Huge Power Spirislash Rage Fist (100 BP) vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Aggron-Mega: 166-196 (48.3 - 57.1%) -- 91.8% chance to 2HKO

Would be a really nice note to end on here, there's a lot of good discussion and laughs to be had. I haven't looked yet but I'm still hoping one of us finds a good fat Water during the last chance slate. Not gonna get my hopes up but you never know. I do remember Roulettemons 1 Barracoth being serviceable if we don't mind our Water being part Ice.


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You may now vote! 48 hours!

Melthog: Yes
Celenium: Yes
Gladossal: No
Solakin: Abstain
Spirislash: lmao


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Everything except Spirislash made it in! And with that, we have one more slate for adding Pokemon...

The Last Chance Slate (Part 2)
So for those of you around for the middle of this mod, you'll remember that people were able to submit things that a Roulettemons generator put out, but didn't quite get voted in. Well that's what we'll be doing here. This time around you can submit any Roulettemons 2 rejected Pokemon or anything in the Roulettemons 1 spreadsheet to be put into a slate for voting here. I'm gonna have a maximum of 3 submissions per person, although I'm fine with changing that number. If you need help grabbing the movepool of something just let me know. Please use this template...
Fakemon Name:
And if it helps, here's how many Fakemon of each type we have...
Rock - 8
Electric - 7
Bug - 6
Ghost - 6
Steel - 6
Dragon - 5
Fire - 5
Flying - 5
Poison - 5
Dark - 4
Fairy - 4
Fighting - 4
Grass - 4
Ground - 4
Psychic - 4
Normal - 3
Ice - 2
Water - 2

Will be giving around 5 days!
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Fakemon Name: Buffly
Typing: Fighting/Dark
Abilities: Long Reach/Quick Feet/Stakeout
Movepool: Sky Uppercut, Aura Sphere, Crunch, Dark Pulse, Judgment, Combat Torque, Techno Blast, Poltergeist, Fillet Away, Scale Shot, Weather Ball, Springtide Storm, Searing Shot, Icicle Spear, Wildbolt Storm, Explosion, Court Change, Vacuum Wave, Drill Run, Shell Smash, Sing, Confide, Flower Shield, Flying Press, Swallow, Bug Bite, Guard Split, Mud Shot, Covet, Fake Tears, Magic Powder, Role Play, Razor Shell, Cosmic Power, Struggle, Pollen Puff, Water Pulse, Ancient Power, Simple Beam, Flame Burst | Endure, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Tera Blast
Description: Free Buffly. It can afford to run Modest and has decent enough bulk to Shell Smash multiple times a battle, not to mention Stakeout to let it hit that much harder.

Fakemon Name: Aquatopus
Stats: 48/103/185/54/90/120
Typing: Water
Abilities: Grass Pelt/Unaware/Flame Body
Movepool: Calm Mind, Counter, Cross Chop, Earth Power, Head Smash, Ice Hammer, Lava Plume, Liquidation, Megahorn, Nature's Madness, Oblivion Wing, Sacred Fire, Shadow Claw, Slack Off, Stealth Rock, Sticky Web, Superpower, Surf, Waterfall, Wish | Ancient Power, Aqua Ring, Burn Up, Electric Terrain, Flail, Follow Me, Grudge, Helping Hand, Infestation, Lick, Me First, Metal Claw, Mist, Noble Roar, Odor Sleuth, Pay Day, Poison Tail, Slash, Uproar, Wake-Up Slap | Attract, Captivate, Confide, Endure, Facade, Frustration, Hidden Power, Protect, Natural Gift, Rest, Return, Round, Secret Power, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Toxic
Description: Some water to hydrate this thirsty meta. Should be good, Unaware helps to keep set up in check, Flame Body can be annoying.


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might sub more later but i honestly think this meta is looking good right now, thank god for anteigo and melthog saving us at the end. struggling to come up with where to even start.

Fakemon Name: Barracoth
Stats: 75/85/146/70/139/85
Typing: Water/Ice
Abilities: Shadow Shield / --- | Thick Fat
Movepool: Draco Meteor, Fiery Dance, First Impression, Flamethrower, Fusion Bolt, Ice Beam, Icicle Crash, Photon Geyser, Plasma Fists, Poison Jab, Roar, Rock Blast, Roost, Soft-Boiled, Spiky Shield, Surf, Thousand Arrows, Volt Switch, Waterfall, Zen Headbutt | Cross Poison, Dynamic Punch, Flash, Flatter, Foresight, Giga Impact, Guard Split, Infestation, Last Resort, Low Sweep, Pay Day, Pollen Puff, Recycle, Sand Attack, Screech, Sing, Sky Drop, Twister, Wide Guard, Worry Seed | Attract, Captivate, Confide, Endure, Facade, Frustration, Hidden Power, Protect, Natural Gift, Rest, Return, Round, Secret Power, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Toxic
: Fat Water that I'm not overly confident in - it might be a bit strong or might warp the meta, but I did want to toss it out there as I don't like any of our other options any better. This provides a fat Water that is vulnerable to any chipping status as well as Knock Off, and it is fairly difficult for it to deal damage while it has to repeatedly sponge hits, so it might be fine. Shadow Shield + Roar might do a great job at stuffing out offense though, and status spreading and Knock Off won't be as common in this meta as they are in standard, so its most traditional forms of counterplay might be gone and we might be left with a Pokemon that just matches annoyingly well into offense and poorly into balance. This also has to drop Shadow Shield which in my opinion is the better ability in order to get its Fire resist, which sucks for a fat Water's goal. Does have plenty of fairly common weaknesses as well, and it does struggle to damage stuff without Toxic or Infestation, but the titanic bulk and Shadow Shield + Roar are still a bit concerning.

LOrd Fernado

Fakemon Name: Herbigator
Stats: 42 / 159 / 131 / 92 / 101 / 75

Abilities: Suction Cups / Shell Armor / Harvest(HA)
Movepool: Earthquake, Head Smash, Leaf Blade, Play Rough, Poison Jab, Sunsteel Strike, Thunder Punch, Waterfall, Dark Pulse, Energy Ball, Flash Cannon, Hex, Mind Blown, Moongeist Beam, Psystrike, Surf, Moonlight, Rock Polish, Switcheroo, Trick, Land's Wrath, Sky Attack, Smelling Salts, Tackle, Take Down, Disarming Voice, Dream Eater, Frenzy Plant, Mirror Coat, Struggle Bug, Water Gun, Assist, Bestow, Entrainment, Growth, Mind Reader, Miracle Eye, Play Nice, Power Swap, Tearful Look
Description: Another fat water but with phys offense and could run Choice Band Switcheroo, or Tank sets with Moonlight + Lefties.

Fakemon Name: Albatrygon
Stats: 61 / 121 / 57 / 100 / 110 / 151

Abilities: Chlorophyll / Iron Barbs(HA)
Movepool: Avalanche, Beak Blast, Crabhammer, Drill Peck, Drill Run, Focus Punch, Foul Play, Ice Fang, Liquidation, Rapid Spin, Crush Grip, Headbutt, Rock Climb, Secret Power, Aeroblast, Aura Sphere, Overheat, Photon Geyser, Seed Flare, Thunderbolt, Aurora Beam, Leafage, Shock Wave, Struggle Bug, Defend Order, Memento, Morning Sun, Sticky Web, Block, Charge, Harden, Ingrain, Metronome, Mimic, Mirror Coat, Purify, Skill Swap, Sunny Day
Description: So basically the entire purpose of the Pokemon is to synergize with Hunttar with Chlorophyll, insane speed tier under sun, and mixed attacking sets with Overheat and Morning Sun.

Fakemon Name: Ramron
Stats: 113 / 44 / 148 / 26 / 142 / 127

Abilities: Poison Touch / Huge Power / Dancer
Movepool: Endeavor, Foul Play, Psycho Cut, Rock Slide, Shadow Punch, Strength, Bug Buzz, Dazzling Gleam, Dragon Pulse, Hyper Voice, Ice Beam, Leaf Storm, Power Gem, Agility, Haze, Parting Shot, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Sticky Web, Will-O-Wisp, Dig, Hyperspace Fury, Land's Wrath, Magnitude, Pound, Flame Burst, Future Sight, Sonic Boom, Aqua Ring, Crafty Shield, Electrify, Embargo, Guard Split, Heart Swap, Meditate, Noble Roar, Purify, Rain Dance, Swagger, Torment
Description: Funny aha wall with offense
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Thermal Exchange / --- | Justified
Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Salt Cure, Hydro Pump, Will-o-Wisp, Court Change, Icicle Spear, Tail Glow, Head Charge, Kowtow Cleave, Take Heart, Encore, Baneful Bunker, Petal Blizzard, Taunt, Psywave, Ice Spinner, Seed Flare
Jaw Lock, Teeter Dance, Reversal, Flame Burst, Ominous Wind, Pollen Puff, Hold Back, Doom Desire, Quick Guard, Spotlight, Smelling Salts, Flatter, Grass Whistle, Me First, Sludge, Sky Attack, Snarl, Mirror Move, Telekinesis, Wake-Up Slap

Swagear has an interesting combat style that makes it a formidable physical wallbreaker. Access to Will O Wisp and Court Change grant it utility, while Salt Cure maintains consistent chip against foes. The presence of strong Ghost and Dark types, while also perpetually walled by any Steel holding Cloak help keep the otherwise powerful attacker at bay. Special sets sound nice but feel like noob trap sets if anything, with mixed just not being worth it.

Fur Coat / Battle Armor | Queenly Majesty
Icicle Crash, Ice Beam, Blaze Kick, Flamethrower, Shadow Force, Headlong Rush, Rock Blast, Double Iron Bash, Bullet Punch, Oblivion Wing, Drum Beating, Psystrike, Esper Wing, Thunder Wave, Techno Blast, Superpower, Fire Blast, Power Gem, Sandsear Storm, Beak Blast
Charm, Charge, Stuff Cheeks, Growl, Dive, Nightmare, Laser Focus, Trick-or-Treat, Forest's Curse, After You, Dark Void, Bounce, Fell Stinger, Grassy Glide, Mega Drain, Metal Claw, Rock Throw, Steel Wing, Whirlpool, Frenzy Plant

Dinomite is a formidable super tank attacker, who is offset by having one of the worst defensive typings imaginable. Dino can switch into weaker Pokemon and take advantage of them to gain valuable chip damage for it's team. It's lack of Recovery does offset it's ridiculous bulk, and it should heed any attempts at facing Knock Off users. That being said, well built teams don't lack means of making progress towards it, and it shouldn't be a hassle to face long term.

Propeller Tail/Flower Veil/Overgrow
Viable Moves: Liquidation, Surf, X-Scissor, Snipe Shot, Encore, Iron Head, Ice Hammer, Outrage, Draco Meteor, Discharge, Relic Song, Clangorous Soul, Thunder Fang, Drill Peck, Cross Chop, Fire Lash, Heat Wave, Energy Ball, Icicle Spear, Steam Eruption
Other Moves: Heart Stamp, Pound, Octazooka, Lock-On, Retaliate, Screech, Dark Void, Noble Roar, Grass Pledge, Helping Hand, Leer, Double Hit, Razor Wind, Amnesia, Storm Throw, Hypnosis, Spike Cannon, Vital Throw, Entrainment, Psycho Shift

Finally, Falcola was a solid addition last slate that somewhat felt undercooked - it's offensive sets were a bit harder to get off in Roulettemons. In R2 however, less Grasses and Waters overall makes for a much better offensive profile that can clean up weakened teams alot easier. Plus the meta is aching for Water types, so Falcola's presence can be useful.
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Fakemon: Hippopuna
Heavy Metal/No Second Ability/Psychic Surge
Viable Moves: Shadow Bone, Shadow Ball, Earthquake, Earth Power, Overheat, Final Gambit, Thousand Arrows, Energy Ball, Rapid Spin, Play Rough, Heat Wave, Lunar Dance, Milk Drink, Nature's Madness, Hex, Shadow Force, Dark Pulse, Sunsteel Strike, Fusion Bolt, Nature Power
Other Moves
: Lock-On, Water Sport, Mist, Twister, Sand Tomb, Tail Whip, Power Split, Work Up, Feint, Teleport, Water Gun, Follow Me, High Horsepower, Thunder Shock, Gastro Acid, Slam, After You, Throat Chop, Bubble, Charm
Description: This mon is an amazing special tank, special wallbreaker and defensive pivot. It has hazard removal and recovery. Nature Power means it can abuse its own Psychic Terrain. We could still use another bulky Ground-type.

Fakemon: Demabura
Delta Stream/No Second Ability/Desolate Land
Viable Moves: Crunch, Dark Pulse, Brave Bird, Fire Fang, Pain Split, Plasma Fists, Searing Shot, Shadow Sneak, Waterfall, Blaze Kick, Drill Run, Wood Hammer, Petal Blizzard, Water Spout, Fiery Dance, Fire Punch, Glare, King's Shield, Energy Ball, Focus Blast
Other Moves
: Rage Powder, Psychic Terrain, Fire Spin, Acid, Mega Drain, Vital Throw, Torment, Swallow, Eerie Impulse, Smelling Salts, Sing, Slash, Play Nice, Peck, Work Up, Hold Hands, Thousand Waves, Dragon Breath, Hyperspace Fury, Strength
Description: Another special tank and special wallbreaker with a type we lack. It gets useful weather-boosted Fire-type moves. King's Shield somewhat helps it against physical attackers.

Fakemon: Darkarrot
STATS: 88/90/167/121/48/86
TYPING: Grass/Normal
ABILITIES: Beast Boost / Compound Eyes | Slush Rush
Viable Moves: Leaf Blade, Energy Ball, Strength, Hyper Voice, Blue Flare, Zing Zap, Dragon Darts, Springtide Storm, Triple Dive, Play Rough, Light Screen, Super Fang, Flip Turn, Extrasensory, Dragon Hammer, Dragon Pulse, Discharge, Steam Eruption, Triple Axel, Dragon Energy
Other Moves:
Covet, Rock Smash, Water Pledge, Camouflage, Power Trip, Topsy-Turvy, Smack Down, Helping Hand, Assurance, Land's Wrath, Freeze Shock, Role Play, Wonder Room, Future Sight, Aromatic Mist, Inferno, Psybeam, Harden, Worry Seed, Aura Wheel
Description: No idea why this was skipped over. We already have a Snow setter in the meta, so this could be a Snow abuser with a huge special movepool, making up for its poor Speed. Slush Rush is its best set IMO but it also has Compound Eyes + Inferno and Steam Eruption.
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Submissions are now over. I'll be giving people 3 days to discuss the things people submitted just so you all get to see more than one point of view about each Pokemon. You can start discussing now!

Cookie Butter

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Albatrygon: IDK, still gonna have to think more about this one.
Ramron: Funny mon, but we already got 2 Normal-type walls. Not sure.
Swagear: Crazy stallbreaker with Taunt + Jaw Lock + Salt Cure. Also Court Change is cringe. Also would be our 7th Steel-type.
Dinomite: Unsure if it will do all that much in the meta, but it doesn't hurt to add this.
Aquatopus, Barracoth, Herbigator, Falcola: It's raining Fat Water. It makes sense to only add one or two of these.
  • Aquatopus is too powerful and too PhysDef oriented.
  • Barracoth is interesting, I think Ice-type makes it balanced.
  • Herbigator is not actually that bulky, and we already have a Water-type with Harvest.
  • Falcola is more of a set-up sweeper compared to the others.
The other 3 mons were submitted by me so...

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